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Our co-creation approach keeps you in control via the presence of a seasoned team of sales and customer service professionals who maintain close contact with critical staff on your end. The team is compensated based on performance and accountable for the success of your contact center program's objectives. Use them to assure successful collaboration in the vital areas of outsourcing, program monitoring and adjustment, and the efficient launch of new initiatives.


Staffing is our specialty. People are the core of our business. The judgment, synergy and innovation that our employees bring to the workplace is the foundation of our success. Your standards for hiring agents drive our recruitment and selection process. We recruit our candidates by maintaining relationships with the top Philippine universities, encouraging employee referrals and attending job fairs followed by verbal, technology and psychometric screening, specifically designed for acquiring the most qualified contact center professionals.


All of our people receive standard and customized training modules in language, geography, cultural nuances, soft-skills and customer service. Your business becomes an integral part of our training as we strive to adopt your culture in our work place. Our trainers conduct live demonstrations, skills application and role playing, creating the appropriate environment for your customer service requirements.

Program Supervision

Our Operations Managers collaborate closely with Client Account Managers and Training Staff to assure effective performance of outsourced tasks. Managers coach and mentor their team. This hands-on approach ensures continual program improvement and swift resolution of any challenges that may arise.