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HelloPNI lets you choose between Philippines, India and Sri-Lanka bases for your offshore call center requirements. Our multi-national offshore call center experience gives you the widest choice of options for outsourcing your call center.

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Our offshore call center services span 3 countries and gives you the most options for choosing the level of services you require. Consult us for your offshore call center needs today.

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The Indian Call Center Advantage

India has a proven track record in handling English language offshore call center activity. It has a highly reliable work force capable of delivering world-class quality of work and rapid deployment of services. Indian companies are also increasingly adapting to international quality and security standards.


India has the second largest English-speaking population in the world. English is the principal language used for business transactions in India.

Human Resources
  • India has the largest pool of technical manpower among call center outsourcing countries.
  • High availability of computer literate, English speaking & educated customer care professionals.

Telecom Infrastructure

There is good availability of well-connected, world-class telecommunications infrastructure in India - including satellite-based networks for global voice and high-speed data communications.

Legislative Framework
  • Highly liberal Government policies on call center operations.
  • Maintains a high level of cost-competitiveness in service sectors.
  • Proactive Government provides a 10 year tax holiday and duty free import of capital machinery and software for call center related businesses.

The Indian Government's Department of Telecommunications has given special thrust to the industry by reducing the prices of high-speed international private leased circuits. The recent IT boom has prompted the Government of India to announce income tax and customs duties exemptions for exports of IT services. The Central and State governments have also put emphasis in setting up state-of-the art infrastructure for the projected boom in such services.

Time Zone

A virtual 12-hour time zone difference with the USA and other markets for offshore Call Center services is in India's favor.

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